Expectations While You Are Living at A Mine Site

The mining industry can prove to be a great career path as it offers salaries 60% more than other industries. But, living in on-site mining camp is a requirement for most of the mining jobs. You have irregular work schedule where sometimes, you might need to stay on site for four weeks in a row. You might want to know what it is like to stay there. We will be discussing in this article about what you should expect from the on-site accommodation.

Expectations While You Are Living at A Mine Site

Expectations While You Are Living at A Mine Site

Mining-site living – Pros:

Mining companies try their best to make a living of their employees comfortable and happy. This is the reason job in mining industries attract worker, and they have a low turnover rate. Real positive things about living in a mining village are as under;

  • Sporting facilities: The Company would assist you in any way to have a healthy lifestyle. That is concerned about your mental and physical health. They provide a whole gymnasium and other sporting facilities to the workers that are totally free.
  • Healthy meals: There is a facility of a cafeteria where workers can get a healthy meal. Plus, the meal is available almost at all the times.
  • Cleaning services: Your residence that is also called ‘donga’ is cleaned 2 to 3 times per week. You wouldn’t have to face hygiene issues.
  • TV, Phone, and internet connection: campsites also provide TV plus internet and phone connection that allows you to keep connected to your loved ones.

Mine-site living – Cons:

There is always an emotional pressure to live away from friends and family. This is the reason this job is not for everyone. Here are some more disadvantages.

  • Long working days: This job is exhausting as you might have to work 7 days and week and 12 hours a day.
  • Heat and dust: The location of mines is usually in remote and hot areas. You would have to make yourself prepared for dust and flies that are really irritating at times. Summer heat can be a problem for outdoor workers.
  • Camp food: Food is prepared in bulk and it is never same as homemade.
  • No nearby town: Some mining sites are in remote areas where there are no nearby towns. There is no place to travel when you want a break.

Having your own house near work site:

You can build our own house near mining area if you find it difficult to live without your family. You can have it constructed the way you want. If you are going to buy a built house, you have to look into the details of its construction such as roofing. Checking it beforehand is better than dealing with dripping wall later. Whether you are buying a home or constructing your own, put extra attention to roofing as it is a vital part of the house and keep everything protected in the house.

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