Small Businesses You Can Start In the Mining Industry

Just because you don’t work at the mine doesn’t mean that you cannot profit from the mining industry.  There are quite a few terrific and exciting ways for outside individuals like you to earn from the mining sector even though you might have never set foot on the mine yourself.  Here are just a few small businesses that you can start in a mineral or resource rich sector.

Small Businesses You Can Start In the Mining Industry

Start your own mine

Limestone, Iron-ore and even gold are metals that you can start to mine all on your own.  All you need is the right licensing, property of your own or rental property and mining tools and you could start your very own mine although this type of business can be quite expensive to start and getting approval can be quite a challenge.

Transportation services

Every mine has a need for transportation.  There are workers to transport, equipment to transport and even mined products that need to be transported to distribution points.  A transportation company is a small business that is relatively easy to start.

Brokerage service

Get investors to invest in certain mines and gain commission on sales or link buyers to mines and make cash through the connections you set up.

Equipment sales

You can sell equipment that is frequently used on the mines such as safety gear, attire, machinery or commonly used spare parts from your very own business.

Equipment leasing

Lots of mines lease equipment and even operators on the mines because they don’t have to be responsible for salaries or the maintenance of the equipment.   All you have to do to get started is to buy equipment that is high in demand and start leasing your equipment to the mines.

Importing and exporting business

You can start importing or exporting certain mined goods and earns an income on the profits or your sales.

Safety services

Mines frequently employ safety personnel to monitor employers and to keep an eye on work conduct so they can minimalize turnover days, work related injuries and especially death on the job.  You can provide safety services and keep everything in tack on the mine.

A digital presence is a must

The internet is the best resource you have if you plan on starting one of these small businesses because you can use a website to feature your products and services, to promote your products and services and to get outside investors, all of which are essential to make a huge success of your business.

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