Get the Perfect Welder for Miners That Rely On Privates for Extra Income

A job in mining is one of the best career paths that you can follow because mining is such a secure position and the salary is great on most mines.  But despite a great salary you might find it hard to afford all of your expenses especially if you have a family or recently bought your own property or house.  Doing privates on the sideline is a great way to earn an extra income that you can use to cover some expenses or to save up for a better more financially secure future.

Beware when doing privates

Most employment contracts prevents employees from doing two jobs or doing privates while you are permanently employed to prevent employees from getting too exhausted or to keep them focused on their job.  If you are planning on doing a lot of privates then it might be better to get clearance from your HR department because going against your contract regulations could have serious consequences for your job.

Get the Perfect Welder for Miners That Rely On Privates for Extra Income

Where to get a good welder

The Tool Report is a terrific review site where you can read more about all of the best welders currently on the market.  One of the leading brands that you can definitely consider is the welders from Hobart.  Hobart is known to create the highest quality welders and many of their brands like the 190 MIG welder have been bestselling welders for many years.

Top privates you can do when you have a welder

If you do get clearance to do privates during your off time then there are quite a few different privates that you can consider.

Make garden art – Turning old rusty old tools into garden art is a very popular trend right now.  With just a bit of creativity, a good MIG welder and elbow grease you can transform just about any steel item into a beautiful piece of garden art that you can sell at nurseries.  You can also keep an eye out for a plasma torch that you can use in some of your steel artworks because plasma cutters enable you to create more personalized items.

Install and build burglar bars – Making and installing burglar bars in your spare time can earn you a lot of extra money and can one day be transformed into a great business.

Make steel gates – Make beautiful steel gates for homes that you can sell online, to large construction companies or at builder markets.

Make and install palisade fencing – Making and installing palisade fencing is hard work but can be quite a lucrative private since you are bound to get lots of clients as long as you deliver high quality work frequently and as long as you have a good marketing strategy.

Steel frames and mirrors – Make steel frames or make beautiful mirrors that people can hang in their homes.

Construct carports – If you have a lot of free time on your hands then you can always start building warehouses or carports.