How to Keep Your Valuables Protected While Mining

You know that as a miner, you are always at work. Although you are going to live in a mining community, there is a possibility that you will not be able to trust everyone that you are going to live with. You may have some valuables with you that you have to keep safe. Bringing different valuables with you while you are working will not be comfortable so you have to think of another way.

How to Keep Your Valuables Protected While Mining

Here are some of the things that you can do to ensure that your valuables will be left untouched while you are working:

  1. Make sure that you will store your items in a safe place. If you have locks at home then do not hesitate to lock it. This will deter possible thieves from breaking into your home. If you would be allowed, you may also change the locks for better protection.
  2. Do not let others know that you have that much valuables with you. Miners are known to earn a lot of money. This is because of the hard tasks that you are doing and the health hazards that you expose yourself to every day. Your fellow miners may be earning the same wage that you normally get but others may have more needs than yours. This would prompt them to steal when they know that you have more than enough. Avoid this by not letting others that you are keeping a lot of valuables with you.
  3. Always be vigilant. Even if you are focused on your job, you have to keep track of the moments wherein you may not be working. You can double check if there are some people who normally lurk within your mining home.
  4. Keep your items with your family. If your family is living with you at the mining community, there is a big chance that they would be at home while you are mining. Let them know, especially your spouse, about the things that they should watch out for. They should also be taught about where some of your valuables will be hidden should they choose to go out and mingle with other families within the community. Remember that some community events are common so that people will have things to do.

One of the items that you have to protect is your gun. This is something that you have purchased and registered because you know that it can give you a sense of protection. You cannot just leave it lying around because your kids who may be living with you at the mining community may play with it thinking that it is not dangerous. If it is not your kids, it may be used by other people in order to commit a crime and you might become accused for it. The best option that you have is to consider the best gun safes of 2017. This will allow you to hide your gun and still feel protected because you know where it is located.

Photography – One of the Most Lucrative Hobbies for Miners

A hobby is much more than just something you do to pass the time.  The right hobby makes you feel fulfilled and gives you so much more to live for.  It is that one fun activity that you simply cannot wait to enjoy so you can relief some tension, stress and worries.  Photography is one of the best hobbies that mine workers can try because there are so many different benefits such as the possibility to earn extra cash on the sideline, good family photos for the rest of your life and a rewarding hobby that you can enjoy no matter where you go.  Photography is a great hobby to distract you from your tough job and to make you feel more unique when you are working alongside hundreds of other people that look and do almost the same as you.

Photography – One of the Most Lucrative Hobbies for Miners

Different types of photography

There are quite a few different types of photography that you can consider for both hobby and extra earnings.  The top photography types are;

Portrait Photography – Portraits are facial photographs of people.  Photographers need to study the best poses and a bit of makeup sense cannot harm miners that are interested in this hobby.

Newborn Photography – There is nothing sweeter than working with newborn babies.  Newborn photography is one of the easiest ways to make quick cash when you are in a pickle.

Family Photography – Family photos are also tremendously popular and can give you a good income.

Wedding photography – You can probably earn the most from wedding photography since people love good quality photos of this big event.

Business photography – Business photography involves taking shots of companies and employees for marketing purposes like business brochures, pamphlets and more.

Landscape & Wildlife – Most people that love photography love to capture animals and nature.  While you may not earn the biggest salary from wildlife photography, you certainly can have a lot of fun while enjoying this type of photography.

Learn photography from Creative Live

If you want to learn to become a photographer then you can definitely check out the online photography courses on Creative Live.  There are tons of spectacular courses that will help you develop just about any photography skill including portraits, newborn, light room setup and more.  With CreativeLive you never have to attend a full physical course but you still develop remarkable skills. You can also tailor fit your course to your needs by only enjoying the courses you need for your particular interest.

Learn to market your photography

Creative Live also has good online lessons for photographers that want to turn their hobby into a profession.  You can learn how to market your photography skills online on social media sites and how to manage your photography company so you can enjoy financial freedom and success.

Decide between photography as a hobby or as a career

The only difficult part about taking photography up as a hobby is to decide whether or not to turn this hobby into a career.  Are you going to take the leap and quit your day job so you can become a full time photographer?  Or are you still happy enough with your work conditions in the mine?  With Creative Live, everything else about photography is super easy.