Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Community Home

You may be living with a group of people who also have family members who are working in the mining industry. The house where you live in may be comfortable but you cannot help but become bothered by the great number of mosquitoes that you may have at home.

There are a lot of mosquito killers available in the market that you can purchase but some of these mosquito killers can also harm you and the rest of your family. You cannot just ignore the mosquitoes and wish they would go away because as long as they find a reason to stay, you can expect that you will see and feel them often.

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Mosquitoes in Community Home

There are some natural home remedies for mosquitoes that you can try:

  1. Dry Ice

Do you know why mosquitoes are so attracted to us? It is because of the carbon dioxide that we breathe out. You know that dry ice contains a lot of carbon dioxide so it can be a natural mosquito trap. You can place the dry ice in an area where mosquitoes usually are. Close the lid after all the mosquitoes have been trapped.

  1. Camphor

Do you know that camphor is a good to get rid of mosquitoes inside your home? You can just place camphor balls in a room where mosquitoes usually are. Leave the camphor for about 30 minutes and close all of the doors and windows so that mosquitoes will be repelled and leave that room for quite some time.

  1. Garlic

If you are searching for a home remedy that is naturally and readily available in your kitchen, then this is the right home remedy for you to try. Garlic contains larvicidal properties that will help get rid of mosquitoes at the soonest possible time. If in case you do not want mosquitoes to bite you, you can consume more garlic. This will not be a problem if you love eating food that has garlic.

  1. Citronella Oil

If you are searching for the best essential oil that can help repel mosquitoes, this is the best one for you. Mosquitoes usually hate the smell of citronella so you can expect that they will not try to go near you if you have placed citronella oil on your skin or in some parts of your home.

  1. Mint

If you normally love mint or a lot of food that have been mixed with mint then you probably love its smell too. You have to admit that the smell of mint is quite strong but placing it in a container and putting in where mosquitoes usually stay can help get rid of them completely. Even if your house may be a bit small, you can keep small mint plants to keep mosquitoes away from your home.

Based on the things that are mentioned above, what’s the best mosquito trap? You may have different results depending on how bad the infestation of mosquitoes is at your own house. Feel free to share other natural home remedies if you know more through the comments section below.

Mining and Water: The Fight Begins

The country is facing deep economic hardship. People are feeling the pinch of political uncertainty and they are facing the sting of decreased clean water supplies. Now, with the desire of those in higher positions to bring mining into the mix, we can rest assured that the fight between mining and water is about to begin.

Gone are the days when your greatest worry about water was reading water softener reviews on Worrying about the iron in your personal well, or the smell of sulfur when you bathe, is hardly as intense as the problems facing America amidst its desires to develop its own oil sources. This is a battle of epic proportions about to take place on our soil.

Mining and Water: The Fight Begins

What’s the Problem?

Sure, we can all see the value in providing oil for ourselves. We have long had to deal with Middle Eastern countries, which are less than friendly, simply because they have seemed to be the ones with all the oil. Now that we have realized our own oil sources, it seems prudent to actively excavate and mine them for ourselves. But there are issues.

When it comes to mining for oil in the United States, the process known as hydrofracking oil drilling, appears to be the best methodology. However, there are very serious ramifications if we choose to utilize that procedure. And, this is where the angry pot is getting stirred. In fact, a 2012 article in the New York Times delineates some of the problems we are going to face.

Erica Gies was covering the issues in San Francisco at that time. She writes, “Opponents say the mine will destroy an area of outstanding ecological importance and, perhaps more important, threaten the area’s most valuable resource: Water.” She penned this in her article, A Clash Over Mining and Water. And, even though this article is now four years old, the fear of oil drilling contaminating water is still very real. In fact, take a look at some of these pieces:

  • Dimock, Penn. Lawsuit Trial-Bound as Study Links Fracking to Water Contamination in Neighboring County– Written by Steve Horn, this May 2016 piece shows the severity of the issues at hand. He reveals that a peer-reviewed study proved that hydrofracking can contaminate ground water. Learn more about this significant story.
  • Don’t Worry, Water Is Supposed To Catch Fire, Republican Says– Penned by Jonathan Feldman, this 2014 piece reveals how desperate some people are to convince us that mining for oil via hydrofracking is perfectly safe. You can read the whole article right here.
  • Duke Study Links Hydrofracking To Water Contamination– And, in case you needed some serious proof, make sure you read this. Dave Lucas wrote this piece in 2013, but given the intensity of the situation and the research provided, it is hard to believe that the results have changed.
  • 4 States Confirm Water Pollution from Drilling– Published in USA Today, this article composed by Kevin Begos, in 2014, reveals that Texas, Ohio, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania confirmed instances of pollution due to fracking. Feel free to read that article in its entirety.

Yes, we need some help in the economic arena. We don’t think there is a single American out there who wouldn’t agree. But, at what cost are we willing to strive after money? The fight is on between mining and water. Which side are you on?